Selena Gomez’ Weight Gain Only Motivated Her to Prove Her Critics Wrong

Selena Gomez admitted that her weight gain made her feel depressed and lose her confidence. Those who shamed her for her body didn’t help in those trying times. Instead of dwelling on her appearance, she decided to lose weight and prove her haters wrong. Selena Gomez’ weight gain was just temporary as she now looks hotter than ever.

These swimwear photos reveal Selena gaining weight. She didn’t seem to care that she has gained weight as she was confidently enjoying a day in the beach.

Her unflattering photos were taken in Mexico during a vacation. She admitted that she put on weight for some time, and she was determined to lose it.

Her recent appearances show that she has lost whatever weight she has put on. She looks sexier than ever.

Over the years, we have seen Selena gaining weight at some point and losing weight in another. Regardless, she has been consistently stunning.

Selena has been in the public eye at a very young age. Hence, we have seen her body changed through the years. She has ups and downs throughout her career in terms of physical appearance.

There were rumors suggesting that Selena had to go through therapy for gaining weight. She admitted that she really struggled to shed her weight off.

Selena snapped back at her detractors and criticized them for body shaming. She said that she has always been confident regardless of her body size.

Selena took revenge to her detractors in the best way possible- losing weight. She has shown that she has already gotten rid of whatever fat she put on.

Since her weight loss, she has appeared quite a lot of times in bikini. She seems to have regained her confidence.

To lose weight, Selena remained committed to exercise and diet. She also has a personal fitness trainer helping her in this endeavor.